ephemera has an exciting weekend ahead!

Hey Everyone in the Ithaca area! ephemera is hosting our 4th Friday Circle Sing this evening at 201 Dey Street at 5:30.WE welcome all singers! No experience necessary.

Tomorrow, September 24, we’ll be singing in the gardens of Lakshmi Institute in Trumansburg, to help celebrate their 1-Year Anniversary. It is a beautifully renovated space for yoga, workshops, dance classes and meditation on rte 96, heading North, just before Tburg. There will be a plant exchange. Bring a plant, take a plant!

On Sunday, September 25, we’ll be participating in the Honoring Our Grief Event at the First Baptist Church in Ithaca. We will give voice to grief of the attendees who have  experienced loss.

So, if you’ve been curious about what it is we do, or intrigued by it, or are already a big fan of ephemera and the creative singing we do, there will be a way to come and catch some of the spirit this weekend.

See you around the neighborhood.

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