Congratulations to Jaydn and Stan!

A couple of our singing love birds got married on the glorious day that was Saturday June 7! Congratulations to the happy couple!

It was a mostly improvised wedding. During the ceremony there were words said, poems read, songs sung, and improvised dance accompanied by ephemera. During the dinner we continued singing songs with the word “Love” in them to get the bride and groom to smooch. Afterwards, when the stars and moon came out, the fire was lit, and friends gathered around, we jammed on voice, guitars, banjo, upright bass, mandolin and violin. We suspect even the stars sang along.

Blessings on our ephemera sister’s marriage to Stan Stewart!

You can congratulate them yourselves at our next CircleSing on Friday, June 27 at 5:30, Fall Creek Studios, in Ithaca.