A word from an ephemeral fan…

We just have to share with you the response we’re getting! What follows is from a new fan:

“I just wanted to send you a really REALLY HEARTFELT THANKS TO ALL OF EPHEMERA sharing music with us at last Sunday’s cabaret. I THOUGHT THE ENSEMBLE WAS AWESOME…….I literally had goosebumps on my arms when your voices came from all parts of the room as you generously harmonized…

The whole concept of the group….the way you evolve your improvs….the written material….I found all of it beautiful, spontaneous, spiritual and joyous….The musicality of the group speaks volumes…..thank you so much for being with us in music.

Peace…and do let me know when you are performing again…”

4 Reasons to Sing for Your Health

4 Reasons to Sing for Your Health.

I Just read this incredible article about the LA Ladies’ Choir.  This group of women gets together to sing and build community.  A side benefit?  Improving health!

Reading about this incredible group of women reminds be of our own singing group here in Ithaca, Ephemera!

We’ll inspiring the masses on march 17th at the Corning Museum of Glass.  The theme is “Majority Rules” featuring women artists, and musicians.  We’ll be there singing the art work while the Grady Girls do their thing on the main stage.  Come on down and check it out!  Hope to see you there!!