don’t judge it, just sing it!

There’s a moment…

in the shower, in the car, somewhere private.



when you sing!

You can’t help it, and neither can we!  It doesn’t matter what kind of day, morning, fight, joy, sorrow you have had.  There is a song for it.

Sometimes someone else has already written it.  Sometimes it comes from deep within – a soul song that cannot be kept quiet or controlled for another instant. it sweeps out your insides, scours the corners and frees your voice. YOUR voice, your moment.

There’s another moment…

on the bus, walking down the street, somewhere public.



when you connect!

with the people around you.  Sometimes a small smile.  Sometimes a shared laugh.  Sometimes bursting into song.  You can’t help it, and neither can we!

Won’t you share some moments with us?  We’re hosting an Open Community Sing this Saturday in downtown Ithaca.  It’s totally free, so bring a water bottle and your voice to 512 W. Buffalo St. (back entrance)  Feb 5th, from 5 -7 p.m.

Hope to see you there!


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