share your front porch story in only 3 sentences

We closed our rehearsal last night with an game we call “3 Sentence Story.”

We chose a theme: Front Porch.

We created a gentle rocking tapestry of  sounds as a backdrop.

We took turns stepping forward and sharing our stories in just 3 sentences.

One-by-one we shared.   One-by-one we left the circle.

The result was a moving, beautiful, heart-wrenching, love filled tapestry.


Will you share yours with us?


open community sing today!

Got a song in your heart that just needs singin?  We do too!

That’s why we’re hosting a Community Sing TODAY Saturday Feb 5th.

Come on down and sing with us!  We’ll give you the parts to sing, so no pressure to improvise if you don’t want to.

It’s totally FREE*, just bring your voice and a water bottle to:
512 Buffalo St. (back entrance)
Ithaca, NY
Enter around the back, and plan to remove your shoes upon arrival (bring slippers or socks if you’d like)

*Donations will be accepted (though not expected) to help us cover material costs

See you there!

improv in life

With the weather forecast calling for a 100% chance of a LOT of snow, who knew wed be looking at blue skies and sunshine by noon?

As with many things in life, we take it in stride, make decisions in the moment that we feel will serve us best, and see what happens. We improvise.

That’s what we do with song in our little singing group, Ephemera. We love what we do, and hope you do too. We’ll be telling you more as time marches on…. thanks for listening!

don’t judge it, just sing it!

There’s a moment…

in the shower, in the car, somewhere private.



when you sing!

You can’t help it, and neither can we!  It doesn’t matter what kind of day, morning, fight, joy, sorrow you have had.  There is a song for it.

Sometimes someone else has already written it.  Sometimes it comes from deep within – a soul song that cannot be kept quiet or controlled for another instant. it sweeps out your insides, scours the corners and frees your voice. YOUR voice, your moment.

There’s another moment… Continue reading don’t judge it, just sing it!